Premium 3020

• Steel subframe with granite bed for the maximum in stability and precision

• Granite structure (polished) of the X/Y/Z axes

• Bellows cover in all axes

• HF spindle motor up to 2 kW / 80,000 rpm

• Modern control electronics for HSC processing (i-8000) with operating software

• AC servo technology with digital power end stages

• Real-time PC control on Windows® basis

• Modern operating terminal with 19" TFT, stainless steel keyboard and mouse.

• 230 V supply and compressed air.

• Swivel hood upwards for free and full access.

• Rotating and swivelling axes for 5-axis processing with high degree of freedom

• Electronic handwheel

• Automatic tool changer

• Tool measuring switch

• Various controls from Heidenhain

• Minimum quantity cooling, suction unit

• Renisaw measuring switch for measuring tasks in the machine



Application examples

• Electrodes

• Small steel moulds

• Injection moulds

• Jewellery industry

• Engraving stamps and plates

• High-precision small parts processing

• Medical engineering

• Spectacles industry

Typical materials

• Copper

• Steel

• Aluminium

• Plastics

• Titanium

• Brass

• Gold

• Silver

Technical dataPremium 3020
DesignSteel/granite construction
Travel ranges (X/Y/Z/) in mm350 / 200 / 150
Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm1200 x 800 x 1700
Weight in kgapprox. 650
Repetition accuracy in mm+/-0.01 mm
Drive motors AC servo motors 400W
GuidesLong-term maintenance-free heavy-duty steel ball circulation profile rail guides
Drive elements (X/Y/Z)EC or AC motors
Connection voltage16A / 240 V
Control i-8000