Platinum X3

• Machine table from polished granite

• Steel subframe

• Individual workpiece clamping systems on hole matrix 150 mm/threaded bushes M8

• Chip collecting pan with drawer

• Bellows or lamella blades in all axes

• Milling spindles up to 3.8 kW / 24,000 rpm or high frequency spindles up to 80,000 rpm HSK 32/HSK 25/SK 20/SK 30.

• 20-times tool changer outside the working area/tool length sensor

• Modern HSC control, B&R or Heidenhain

• AC servo spindle drive or linear motors

• Control panel with touchscreen, function keys, keyboard and hand-held operating unit or Heidenhain control panel

• Control electronics and power electronics fully integrated in the machine

• Edge probe,

• Minimum quantity lubrication cooling system,

• Dust removal technology

• Vacuum clamping technology

• 4th axis as rotating axis

• CAD/CAM software



Application examples

• Panel processing

• Aluminium processing

• 3D-processing

• Model and mould construction

Typical materials

• Steel

• Non-ferrous metals

• Composites

• PCB material

• Plastics

• Front panels

• Aluminium/aluminium profiles

• Housing production

• Rapid prototyping

• Ureol

• Ceramic

• Graphite, etc.

Technical dataPLATINUM 1010-X3PLATINUM 1510-X3

Travel ranges (X/Y/Z) in mm
Gantry clearence height250 mm (optionally up to 400 mm)
Weight in kgapprox. 2000 - 4000
Repetition accuracy in mm+/- 0.02
Drive motors AC servo motors with precision circulating ball screws or linear motors
Connection voltage16A / 400 V
ControlB&R/Heidenhain® with CNC control software
OperationFunction keys and Emergency Stop button